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A powerful BitTorrent client

BitComet is a free BitTorrent client designed for Microsoft Windows. The file-sharing freeware comes with an array of features and supports simultaneous downloading. With the help of BitComet, users can access and select torrent packages, resume paused downloads quickly, check speed limit, map ports, fix proxy, and do much more. The P2P file-sharing program comes with a clean and easy-to-understand interface suitable for advanced torrent users.

What is BitComet used for?

BitComet is a powerful BitTorrent client used for downloading torrent files. Available in over 52 languages, the program uses peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing as well as HTTP servers for faster downloads. It’s designed to distribute heavy files quickly with the help of an array of useful features. The program also comes integrated with an antivirus program that scans all files before they’re downloaded.

Some of the most prominent features available with BitComet include simultaneous downloading, file segregation by type, proxy configuration, IP address masking, instant resume, and more. You can also use this BitTorrent protocol to clear disk cache and manually set different speed limits for all downloads. The only drawback to the application is that it isn’t as user-friendly as its counterparts and may seem a little complicated to beginners.

Easy setup and installation

BitComet’s setup file is only 15.5 MB and hardly takes up any disk space. However, when downloading BitComet, you may be prompted to install Chrome or Firefox browser integrations. Since these are third-party integrations, it is better to skip them during installation. Once installed, you can easily download multiple torrent files simultaneously. The program is quite lightweight and will continue running in the background without overloading your PC.

Customizable user interface

Users familiar with Windows Explorer will find BitComet’s interface quite familiar. Apart from adding a few features from the BitTorrent template, the overall look is native to Windows. However, compared to other torrent clients, the interface isn’t as easy to maneuver. Users have to go through the application to understand its various functions. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you can disable and enable different toolbars as per your requirement.

The features available on BitComet are visible in the explorer-like window. The top section of the app contains icons for start, stop, open, and delete, along with a list of popular torrent clients so you can search for torrents directly from the app. The central panel consists of all downloading files, and its bottom-half shows peer and tracker info. The panel on the left lists all torrent files and bookmarks.

Useful features for torrenting

Apart from offering chat capabilities, BitComet comes with a range of features that make it worth a look. The application allows users to bookmark favorite torrent sites, set download priority, limit upload and download speed, and fast resume. It also features an in-built antivirus program that scans all files before beginning a download.

Supports magnetic link downloads

When you download BitComet, you can not only download basic torrent files, but also use magnet links, HTTP seeding, DHT network, and FTP downloads. The program also supports multiple mirror downloads to optimize downloading speed. Since the program maps the port automatically, users don’t have to configure connections for the sake of other downloaders.

Remote management function

This version of BitComet comes with an in-built search button that finds download links from popular torrent sites within the application. Moreover, it also offers users an option to configure their PC such that it shuts down or sleeps after a torrent gets downloaded. With the help of remote access, you can even start or stop an upload or download from anywhere.

Optimizes connections and cache

BitComet download offers intelligent disk caching support that protects your computer’s hard drive. It decreases the frequency of the read/write data, thereby protecting the hard drive from high-speed downloads. It also decreases the number of scans required for seeding and allocates disk in such a manner that fragmentation remains close to zero.

Improves seeding performance

A lot of times seeders leave and torrents get stuck at 99%. To improve the performance of the file, BitComet employs popular Long-term Seeding technology. With its help, the program finds more seeds to finish the download. The unique feature helps users get the required data from peers who have 100% of the file being downloaded. Once done, the program automatically renames all files so they’re easy to organize.

Allows ongoing downloads preview

When BitComet downloads files, it starts by first downloading the header and tail. Owing to this, users can preview almost all files, including WMV and AVI before they’re completely downloaded. This is quite an essential feature as it allows you to confirm the quality and language of any torrent file. Additionally, the program allows users to set download priorities and adjust upload and download speed.

Are there any alternatives?

While this version of the free torrent downloader is quite popular, it does have several alternatives. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that has a cleaner interface, you should check out uTorrent, qBittorrent, and Vuze.

Should I download BitComet?

BitComet is a free file-sharing torrent client that’s loaded with an array of useful features. While it does have a dated and complicated interface, it comes with unique functions like long-term seeding, instant resume, antivirus scanning, simultaneous downloading, and chatting. Moreover, the client supports magnet links, as well as HTTP and FTP downloads.

Considering the number of features it offers along with intelligent optimizations like disk caching and remote access management, the download client is worth looking out for. The app is devoid of any advertisements and is one of the most powerful, fast, and clean BitTorrent clients available. Therefore, if you’re looking for a comprehensive downloader, you should download BitComet.