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InfoJobs – Find Jobs in Spain and Italy

InfoJobs is the world’s most comprehensive job board for people who want to find employment in Spain and Italy. If you’re a business looking for skilled staff or want to open a new office in the area you live, InfoJobs is the best place to start.

If you’re a freelancer, a student looking for a study placement, or someone looking for a job in your field of expertise, InfoJobs has vacancies for you, too.

In addition to posting job openings, InfoJobs is the place to monitor your applications. If you’ve applied to a job and want to see whether or not you’ve been successful, you can do so from your mobile device.

The InfoJobs app gives you access to thousands of vacancies and opportunities, as well as hundreds of thousands of job seekers in Spain and Italy.

In addition to this, InfoJobs is available in a number of languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Slovenian.