WiFi Map APK

by WIFI MAP LLC for Android 13.0

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Free Tool for Wandering Browsers

WiFi Map is special software that provides users with passwords to the WiFi connections in their area. The software connects to devices via GPS to present all of the different WiFi hotspots that are available and deliver passwords so that users can get connected to the hotspot of their choice.

Time to Get Connected

One of the great things about WiFi Map is that it works on both laptops and computers, which means that people who want to get a little work down while they are away from the office will be able to connect to the net without having to pay to use an internet café. The software works on all main operating systems and provides a smooth and effective service, although it can use up a lot of battery power.

Finding the Perfect Hot Spot

People who like to be connected when they are on the move and don’t want to have to pay for an internet sim card are sure to find that WiFi Map is a great solution. However, it should be noted that there are lots of pop up ads that can slow down the experience of browsing the net with WiFi Map. Fortunately, anyone who finds this too be too much of an issue can pay a small fee for the full version and make adverts a thing of the past.