Riot Chat

by Vector Creations Ltd. for Windows 8

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Instant messaging tool is a social & communication app that allows you to integrate groupware accounts into one platform. All information and files from your chat & instant messaging applications are protected with end-to-end encryption. However, Riot encourages users to run their own servers, enabling a fully private communication server. As an open-source program, you also get access to Riot’s crypto ratchet technology.  With this, you can create a decentralized, secure Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to have an unlimited number of contacts or platforms in Riot. Casual users can also use the chat app as is or without making changes to the Matrix.

Innovative groupware platform

Riot comes with a federated Matrix protocol, which enables users to create their own servers as well as identify problems in the code and resolve it immediately. Although developers encourage users to make adjustments to their code to customize their experience, you can use Riot without having an in-depth knowledge of coding. It’s developers, New Vector Limited, distributed the program under the Apache License 2.0 with a majority of the code and protocols already integrated.

You can develop your add-ons and other communication tools on Riot through any React-based software development kit. It also uses the software framework, Electron, letting you create additional chat apps within Riot. Once you’ve set up your Riot account, you can share your data, messages, and videos. Through the read receipts, you will be able to see who has received your messages or files. You can also communicate through its VoIP capabilities, but the availability of features will depend on the groupware you’ve installed.

Riot is useful for those who are working with groups across multiple private communication programs or chat apps, allowing you to immediately respond to your team members at all times. The software is suitable for those familiar with open source programs as you can add features that meet their needs. This should not deter beginners from using Riot. As long as you want a single platform to meet with your team, you can use Riot to bring all your IM and VoIP apps in one place