by Raven Software for Windows 11

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Singularity – A Thrilling Shooter Game

Dive into the heart-pounding world of “Singularity,” the exhilarating creation by Rave Software. Unveil the hidden truth behind the catastrophic SINGULARITY, a world-shattering event that shattered time and now imperils our very existence. Equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and the groundbreaking Time Manipulation Device (TMD), you’ll confront adversaries spanning ages, from bygone eras to the present, and unearthly entities caught in the temporal crossfire.

Master the TMD to tamper with time and objects. Swiftly age foes into oblivion, defy gravity through object manipulation, or restore and decay them to your tactical advantage. Unlock enhancements to unleash the TMD’s full potential and expand your sophisticated arsenal.

In this epic sci-fi action thriller, immerse yourself in heart-racing, first-person combat, where the past collides with the present. Seamlessly traverse between 1950s Russia and the modern day, both brought to life with striking visuals, realistic physics, and Unreal 3 Engine wizardry.

Untangle the intricate web of conspiracy as you navigate the hazy borders between the past and the future, striving to thwart the cryptic SINGULARITY that looms as an impending global catastrophe. Prepare to embark on a reality-altering adventure and reshape the course of history in “Singularity