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Paint Online Review – What is Paint Online?

What is Paint Online?

When you open Paint Online, you will be greeted by a very simple interface, not unlike most other drawing apps, and you can choose between different brush types, sizes, colors, and much more. The selection of your color palette is a bit like choosing your favorite food.  The background color is used to make your drawings stand out even more. To save your work, you can use the screenshot tool to save it to the gallery or directly to the cloud. 

You can also add text, change the font size and color, change the background color and background and border color, and more. After that, you can add multiple shapes. There is a shape selection tool that lets you choose between circle, rectangle, and other shapes, as well as between lines and curves. To complete your drawing, you can also choose to fill in an area with a color. The tools are pretty intuitive to use.