MCU.Center Screensharing Extension

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MCU.Center Screensharing Extension

The MCU.Center Screensharing Extension is a Chrome add-on developed by Meetings as a Service. This free extension allows users of the MCU.Center web client to easily share their screen with other participants during virtual meetings. By leveraging Chrome’s screensharing facility, the extension enables any web pages that use the MCU.Center WebRTC implementation to access the screen sharing feature.

When a user shares their screen for the first time, they will be prompted to grant permission for the extension to be used. Subsequent screen sharing attempts from the same domain will not require this prompt. However, if you access the MCU.Center web client from a different domain, you will be asked again to grant access to the extension.

With the MCU.Center Screensharing Extension, users can enhance their virtual meetings by sharing their screens and collaborating more effectively with other participants. It is a valuable tool for those who rely on MCU.Center for their online meetings and conferences.