Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense

by Seagame for Android 13.0

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Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense – A Strategy Game for Android

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense is a free strategy game developed by Seagame for Android devices. In this game, the world is under attack by Titans and their armies of darkness, and only a legendary dragon egg holds the key to saving it. As the player, you must train your troops, upgrade them, and use them to defend the dragon egg from the enemy forces.

One of the unique features of Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense is the ability to combine troops of the same level and type to create upgraded troops. This new upgrade system eliminates the need for building fortresses and training soldiers, giving you more control over your troops. Additionally, you can strategically deploy your troops to create various defense formations to protect the dragon egg.

With its engaging gameplay and challenging levels, Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense is a great strategy game for players of all ages. So, if you’re looking to test your tactical skills and save the world from the Titans, download Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense today!