Tractive GPS for Cats Dogs

by Tractive for Android 13.0

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A free app for Android, by Tractive.

Tractive GPS for Cats and Dogs is a free dog and cat tracking app that you can use to monitor your pet’s location. It’s a convenient way to get to know where your dog or cat is at all times and to track your pet’s activity.

The app will be of help in situations where your dog or cat has run off. You can find its current location, set as well as virtual fences that you can pin point your dog or cat’s exact location. Tractive GPS can also be used to track when your dog or cat is sleeping or playing.

You can also save your dog’s and cat’s activity in the history and also find out their favorite places and spots. The app is completely free.

You can send location reports of your dog or cat to people you trust.

The app can also be used for indoor tracking. If your dog or cat is lost and you want to help bring them back home, you can track its current location and find out their location on a map. You can also track them as they roam from place to place.