Kashkol-e-Urdu: Rahi Hijazi

by Arshad zya for Android 13.0

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Kashkol-e-Urdu: Rahi Hijazi – A Comprehensive Islamic App

Kashkol-e-Urdu: Rahi Hijazi is an Islamic app designed for Muslim users. It includes all the necessary things that a Muslim needs all the time. It is an offline app that provides an English and Hijri calendar, permanent prayer times, Qibla-Numa, and a beautiful clock to set on the home screen.

Users can find prayer times by providing their location and choose between Asr Hanafi or Shafai time. The app also offers a complete Quran in Unicode, 13 line Quran PDF, 15 line Quran PDF, and 16 line Quran PDF. Additionally, users can bookmark their recitation places in the Holy Quran.

Kashkol-e-Urdu: Rahi Hijazi also provides morning and evening traditional recitations (Azkaar) with translations, daily prayers (dua) with translations, five Friday sermons, two Eid sermons, a marriage sermon with the method of marriage (Nikah), and forty (40) Durood, Hadith, Rbbana prayers, and Allahumma prayers with translations. For Imams and Orators, every Tuesday evening, a subject of Urdu speech with content is updated on the app for the preparation of the Friday Urdu speech.