Cooking Fever

by Nordcurrent for Windows 8.1

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A fun and engaging strategy game

Cooking Fever is a fun and engaging simulation game that requires you to prepare delicious meals in a wide range of restaurants and settings. If you’ve been fond of simple strategy games before, you’ll find Cooking Fever an excellent choice. In this popular cooking game, you’ll be in charge of serving hundreds of clients in different fast-food restaurants. Though it’s a kitchen game, you don’t need to possess exemplary cooking skills. Instead, you’ll need to focus on time management and fast-paced interactions. Since the content is suitable for all kinds of audiences, many have enjoyed the game.

Various strategic elements to enjoy the game!

Developed by Nordcurrent, Cooking Fever is an engaging and interesting cooking simulator. With excellent graphics and easy-to-use controls, the game requires you to cater to numerous customers with time management skills. While using several ingredients, you have to prepare a wide range of dishes to satisfy people from different locations. In order to cross different levels, you can use upgrades and microtransactions to purchase new kitchen appliances, materials, etc.

What can you do in Cooking Fever?

Compared to other strategy games like Farming Simulator 17 and Plants vs Zombies, Cooking Fever comes with more features. There’s plenty to do in the kitchen. For instance, you can prepare exquisite desserts and delicious meals, run an Asian restaurant, practice cooking techniques, and polish other kitchen skills. The game provides you with over a hundred different ingredients to cook several tasty meals. From rice cookers to coffee makers, you can try all kinds of kitchen appliances to cater to customer needs.

In order to attract more people, Cooking Fever lets you decorate restaurants. You can even offer promotions, such as free cupcakes or cookies. This helps you improve customers’ experience and make interactions more memorable. With regular upgrades, you’ll want to try to make your kitchen stand out, and have some fun while cooking global delicacies. Last but not least, Cooking Fever allows you to instantly share the progress on Facebook with friends and family.

How to play Cooking Fever?

In Cooking Fever, you need to serve a huge number of clients, who constantly have different kinds of requests, including hot dogs, sodas, burgers, and more. As the server, you need to follow several steps to prepare hygienic and delicious meals. In order to prepare every meal, you’ll follow a specific process. For instance, if you’ve received an order for a burger, you need to heat the bread on the plate, meat on the pan, and prepare the burger to be served hot in a specific period of time.

As mentioned earlier, your time management skills are essential in this game. Once you get past the tutorials, the game picks up speed, and you need to manage different chores to keep guests satisfied. If you take too long to serve the guests, they start getting angry and can even leave the restaurant. If all goes well, you can get some good tips.

Just like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, Cooking Fever looks like a simple and straightforward strategy game. However, it focuses on two unique elements – restaurant management and progression. After every level or a round of the game, you can invest some money in purchasing new kitchen appliances. You can buy fryers, pans, storage boxes, and other items. With several customization options, you don’t need to focus on linear progression and can improve whatever you want.

Once you’ve completed some rounds, the game lets you invest in improving the esthetics of your restaurant. While it seems like a simple task, it’s more strategic and complicated. For instance, with a bigger TV, your guests may want to spend more time in the restaurant. Similarly, a bigger table will allow you to cater to more guests. With different strategies, you can control all the aspects of the establishment.

Is Cooking Fever a free game?

The only major drawback of Cooking Fever is that the game isn’t completely free. In the game, you need to carry out several microtransactions to enhance the restaurants look and feel, purchase kitchen appliances, and make other upgrades. While you can complete the game without paying for upgrades, it will take much longer to finish each level. If you have all the time and patience in the world, however, it’s definitely possible.

Is Cooking Fever easy to play?

Cooking Fever comes with some great controls. With a simple interface and easy-to-use controls, you won’t experience any difficulties in navigating through various features, levels, and strategies. Compared to other games in the genre, this one is simple to play and offers a good amount of fun.

Does Cooking Fever have good graphics?

When it comes to appearance, Cooking Fever features excellent graphics. The game doesn’t focus on too many colors. This is good because it doesn’t slow down progress on older computers. With several interactive elements, it’s easy to identify different aspects of the game and build suitable strategies to complete levels.

Cooking Fever is a pleasant surprise. Whether it’s the graphics, controls, or gameplay, the game doesn’t disappoint. Throughout the game, you’re in control of the various strategies aimed at serving hundreds of customers. When it comes to kitchen games or cooking games, Cooking Fever takes the lead.

A simple yet interesting strategy game

In order to be good in Cooking Fever, you don’t need to possess any special cooking skills. In fact, you need to focus on time management and fast-paced interactions. While it takes some time to get accustomed to the UI, Cooking Fever is worth the download for Windows PCs.  You can easily spend hours on the gameplay without feeling bored.