Anime Ahegao Stickers

by by Tubaraum for Android 9.0

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A free program for Android, by by Tubaraum.

How to use this application?

1. Open the application.

. You will see a list of available anime and fanart packs. You can find the pack you want by checking the box of the anime you want to add.

3. Check the “Download” box to download the pack.

4. After downloading, you can install it to your Android.

The Anime & Ahegao Stickers App is not a store, nor does it contain advertising. The only way to purchase the stickers is to download the application and pay.

The app has a lot of stickers, both from anime and from fanart. It is possible to install them to your Android phone, but for that, you need to have Android 5.0 or higher. The application has an option to install the stickers to your Android phone.