Animals Transport: Truck Games

by thumsoftgaming for Android 13.0

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Animals Transport: Truck Games – A Challenging and Unique Animal Transport Simulator 2020

Animals Transport: Truck Games is an exciting and challenging animal transport simulator game developed by thumsoftgaming. This game is available on Android platform and is completely free to download. The game falls under the strategy subcategory of games and is perfect for those who love to transport animals in a variety of situations.

In this game, players must drive a huge cargo truck to transport different types of animals including horses, cows, goats, and even wild animals like lions, gorillas, and dinosaurs. The game features a variety of transport modes such as helicopter cargo transport, sea animal transport, and farm animal transport, each with its own set of challenging missions. With 3D HD graphics and easy and smooth controls, players will enjoy an immersive experience while transporting animals. Overall, Animals Transport: Truck Games is a unique and exciting game that is sure to provide hours of entertainment.