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uTorrent for Mac is a BitTorrent client that allows users to download torrents from the internet. The lightweight software is easy to download, free, and fast. It gained popularity as a Windows app but was later released for Mac devices as well. It uses P2P technology while not using too many system resources. The tool continues to work in the background and downloads the latest movies, videos, books, music, and more, provided the download of those products is legal!  It’s also quite efficient and allows users to search for torrent files directly from the dashboard.

The latest innovation by BitTorrent

uTorrent Mac is the latest addition to the BitTorrent family. Like other uTorrent software, this program is also easy to use and loaded with an extensive list of features. It includes a search bar extension that leads to the Safari web browser, numerous download settings, as well as multiple language support.

The powerful app ensures better speed and reliability than other peer-to-peer (P2P) programs. When you download uTorrent for Mac, you get easy access to thousands of torrent files as well as magnetic links. Moreover, you can download all of these files simultaneously or select what you want from a list of files.

Clean and simple user interface

The torrents downloader comes with a beginner-friendly interface. The main window shows a list of torrents being downloaded as well as the ones in the queue. On the top-right corner, users get a search bar, which takes them directly to a browser showing desired torrents. The left-hand panel lets users toggle between active and inactive torrents, and shows an icon for RSS feed.

When you click on settings, you can easily change the default functions. You can change the folder where your torrent files get saved, assign bandwidth, create a downloading scheduler, or change privacy settings. All of these options are easy to find, making it easy for anyone to start downloading files.

Lightweight and fast

As compared to other P2P file-sharing programs, uTorrent for Mac is quite fast. For starters, the latest version of the app is only 4MB in size and doesn’t take up too many system resources. The client hardly consumes any resources ensuring you can continue working on your computer without facing any lags.

Once you start downloading torrents, you realize that the app doesn’t take up too much bandwidth. This is because it is programmed to adjust the bandwidth depending on requirements. So you can continue surfing the web, watching videos, and scrolling through Facebook, without any difference in the internet speed.

Easy torrent search option

Though the program doesn’t have an integrated search directory, it does offer a search box that takes you directly to your web browser. The request results in a list of torrent websites like PirateBay and Kickass Torrents, so you can easily find the download link. Apart from this, if you go to the uTorrent web, you get easy access to over 2 million torrent files.

Automatic download from RSS feed

The latest version of uTorrent Mac comes with the RSS feed function, allowing users to get access to files as soon as they appear. All you need to do is set up a feed containing torrent files and updating the automatic torrent download option. Once that’s done, uTorrent downloads all new files that appear in the RSS feed.

Offers support and guides

In case you’re new to torrenting or the BitTorrent client protocol, the company, offers various resources for you to access. From providing information on the installation procedure to set up an RSS feed, you can get a lot of information, tutorial videos, and guides on its website. Since uTorrent is extremely popular, you can find multiple online user forums with helpful questions and answers.

Is uTorrent for Mac safe?

Yes, uTorrent for Mac is safe to download and use. However, it’s important to note that when using the BitTorrent protocol, you’re mostly downloading files from the internet. When doing so, you should be careful and avoid files that don’t have enough seeds. Checking the comments section can also help you determine whether or not you’re unintentionally downloading malware.

Is uTorrent app illegal?

Using any torrent application, including uTorrent Mac, is completely legal. However, downloading copyrighted material using a torrent file is illegal.

Does uTorrent hide your IP address?

No, torrenting in itself leads to your IP address being broadcasted over the peer-to-peer network. Therefore, it is advisable to use a VPN before downloading anything. When you club a VPN with uTorrent, you get better security as well as enhanced speed. It encrypts your traffic and allows you to access websites that are otherwise blocked in your area.

How do I install uTorrent on my Mac?

Installing uTorrent on Mac is straightforward; all you need to do is download and run the .exe file. However, if you’re facing an issue, the reason may be your Mac OS Catalina. The uTorrent app is 32-bit, whereas Catalina only supports 64-bit applications. You can switch to the uTorrent web application to access different torrent files.

Are there any alternatives?

While uTorrent for Windows has been around for years, the Mac version is still new. It does have various alternatives. If you’re looking to download torrent files, you might want to check out Vuze, Transmission, Folx, and Deluge.

Should I download uTorrent for Mac?

If you want a quick and easy option to download movies, music, and videos, you should download uTorrent for Mac. It is incredibly lightweight and offers multiple downloads without eating up too much bandwidth. It also comes with a variety of features as well as a beginner-friendly dashboard. In case you’re stuck, you can access BitTorrent’s information library and get downloading quickly. The software is free to download and also has an easy-to-use web counterpart.