Sans Simulator

by Sluke Games for Windows 10

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Free fan-made Undertale battle simulator

Sans Simulator is a fan-made free battle game based on the popular Undertale title. Players take control of Sans for the famous last fight, trying to defeat the human character.

Roll the bones

Sans Simulator is a short game based around the Undertale universe. The cult classic made a huge impact on fans for its quirky and often bizarre humour, branching paths and different endings. In one of the endings, the player must fight Sans in one of the toughest battles in the entire game, dodging seemingly impossible blasts. Sans Simulator turns the battle on its head with the player now attempting to defeat the human character. They unleash different blasts and attacks to try and reduce the other player’s heart rating to zero and ultimately win. The game features local co-op, with one person controlling each character. While a fun short game, the lack of any real plot, development or extra content make it only really enjoyable for a fan of the series. A promised online multiplayer has yet to be developed, although similar games made by fans have made progress in this area.

Fan creation

Sans Simulator is a short ‘what if’ scenario made by Undertale fans for Undertale fans. Those who have never played the base game can happily pass over this title.