Panasonic Smart 家電

by Panasonic Taiwan for Android 13.0

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Panasonic Smart 家電: A Smart Way to Control Your Home Appliances

Panasonic Smart 家電 is a free Android app developed by Panasonic Taiwan. It is a utility and tools program that enables you to control your home appliances remotely. With the integration of new networking technology, this app makes your daily life smarter and easier.

One of the most significant features of this app is the remote control. By using the Panasonic IOT TW App, you can integrate your smart home appliances and control their usage easily. You can also customize your home environment and simplify your daily life with just one command.

Another useful feature is the one-key control, which allows you to operate your air conditioner and dehumidifier simultaneously with just one command. You can also view the usage history of your home appliances, which helps you reduce unnecessary energy consumption and save money.

Finally, this app supports voice control. With the help of a smart speaker or mobile voice assistant, you can control your home appliances without lifting a finger.