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Puzzle platformer gaming action in Moonleap

Moonleap is a free puzzle platformer game designed to evoke the era of 8-bit gaming. Take control of a character and solve a range of single-screen puzzles. You will face a series of inventive brainteasers as you complete missions that are nowhere near as simple as they might appear at first.

Moonleap should please gamers who enjoy offbeat games in the vein of SELF and GigaSword. It is appropriate for all ages: children will appreciate the colorful graphics, while older players will like the nostalgic 8-bit vibe.

Retro-platforming with a twist

Moonleap is a simple platform game in which you play as a moon-headed character who must leap around while avoiding obstacles and collecting flowers. Once all the flowers are collected, the level ends. The twist is that the game will switch between day and night whenever you jump.

Strategic platforming

The day and night switching adds an element of strategy. Certain deadly obstacles appear only at one point throughout the day, so you will either create or destroy your next hazard with each jump. The spikes in front of you might disappear when you leap towards them. Alternatively, your next jump might cause a trap to appear.

Sixteen levels

The game has sixteen levels, and these can be unlocked in batches. If you get stuck on a specific level, you have several others to play. The levels should be sufficient for a free game like this. An unusual but welcome feature is an alternate mode for color-blind players.

More complex than it looks

While simple, Moonleap turns out to be innovative and addictive. Later levels will introduce new elements, including climbable vines, flowers that run away from you, and enemies that sleep at night. It has the best virtue for any game of this type: it is simple enough for children yet still entertaining for adults.