Kanazawa Shogi Lite (Japanese Chess) APK

by Unbalance Corporation for Android 9.0

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A free app for Android, by UNBALANCE Corporation.

Kanazawa Shogi Lite is an exciting game that will challenge your brain and mind. With its simple and easy gameplay, you can play for free, anytime, anywhere, even offline! It’s a great way to relieve your boredom and kill time.

Kanazawa Shogi Lite is the most popular Japanese game. It’s also known as Japanese chess, and is the most popular thinking game in Japan. It has many levels and you can enjoy the gameplay from the beginning to the end. You can choose to play it in one of the following modes: beginner, basic, intermediate, and expert. Beginner mode is the easiest one. In this mode, you will only be able to move one piece per turn. Your opponent will also have only one piece per turn. The pieces move in the following order: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. The first piece that reaches the opponent’s side moves to the opponent’s corresponding piece. After that, the opponent’s piece is captured.