Infinite Borders-인피니트 보더스 APK

by Entermate for Android 13.0

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Infinite Borders-인피니트 보더스: A Realistic Strategy Game for Android

Infinite Borders-인피니트 보더스 is an Android strategy game developed by Entermate. The game is free to play and falls under the category of games and subcategory of strategy. The game is compatible with Android 13.0 and provides a realistic experience of the Three Kingdoms era.

The game has a lot to offer, including a realistic war scene, 300 masters of the Three Kingdoms, and infinite possibilities of combinations of weapons and tactics. The game allows you to rule the territory with all your might to advance the construction of internal affairs and to use all your resources to colonize the territory.

Infinite Borders-인피니트 보더스 provides vivid world of the Three Kingdoms, where the conquest season restores the rich Three Kingdoms battlefield, and the Three Kingdoms heroes exude unexpected charm. The game has different scenarios, and you can either relive history or create a new legend. You can also build your own estate and use the power of tattoos to rule internal affairs and make your territory stronger.