Goblins Wood: Tycoon Idle Game

by ProGamesLab for Android 13.0

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Goblins Wood: Tycoon Idle Game – A Review

Goblins Wood: Tycoon Idle Game is a new addictive clicker game developed by ProGamesLab. It is a simulation game in the Games category that challenges players to build and expand their wood empire. The game is free to download and play on Android devices.

In this game, players start by building their holdings from a small forest and gradually expand to build a profitable wood tycoon empire. Players can merge two goblins to create a more powerful goblin and upgrade it to the maximum. As players progress, they can unlock new territories, grow their forests, hire more goblins, and boost their gold income. Players can collect game cards and upgrade their goblins to unlock special abilities and resources.

The game also includes puzzles that require players to use strategy to progress. Players can match goblins right away or wait until they get more benefits and bonuses. The game offers a lot of challenging levels and rewards for achievements. If you have any questions about the game, you can reach the developer at