Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

by ACE Team for Windows 10

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An action-adventure set in a punk fantasy world

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is an action-adventure game that follows the story of a character who is being pursued by mercenaries. The game features a good deal of melee combat, an art style like a comic book, and a richly detailed gaming world to explore. There are also many characters to encounter along the way.

The art style of this game can be likened to that of Borderlands 3, while the combat style of the game bears more than a passing resemblance to games like God of War Ragnarök. Despite these similarities, this game manages to look and feel unique. Players can expect an interesting story with plenty of strange characters to interact with.

Become a master of martial arts

In Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, the player takes on the role of Pseudo, a master of martial arts and a recluse living in the strange lands of Zenozoik. Pseudo finds themselves taking responsibility for the safety of a small creature with mysterious powers.

However, there are others who want the creature, so the player must defend themselves against the mercenaries coming for the creature.

Melee combat

The game features a good deal of combat of the kind found in games like the Batman: Arkham and the God of War franchises. There are several moves at the player’s disposal, such as dodge, stun, block, counter, and more. The player can customize their combat style to suit the way they play.

A vibrant game

Players who are looking for a melee combat game with a rich story and a vibrant world could well find what they are looking for with Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. The world is somewhat surreal, but this may be unsettling to some.