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ADCES Events: A Comprehensive Conference Companion

The ADCES Events mobile application is designed exclusively for attendees of the ADCES conference. This free app provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance the conference experience.

With ADCES Events, users can easily access the conference schedule, browse through presentations, explore exhibitor information, and learn more about the speakers. The app allows users to take notes directly on available presentation slides, making it convenient to capture important information during sessions. Furthermore, note-taking functionality is also available for posters and exhibitors.

One of the standout features of ADCES Events is the ability to share information with fellow attendees and colleagues. The app offers in-app messaging, as well as options to tweet and email, making it effortless to connect and collaborate with others.

For anyone attending the ADCES conference, the ADCES Events app is an indispensable companion. It provides a seamless way to navigate through the conference, engage with the content, and connect with other attendees.