Slithering Assassin – Snake vs Snake

by David Caddy for

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A free Snake game with a hint of Pacman

Slithering Assassin – Snake vs Snake is a free indie game based on the old Nokia Snake game, except that you have an enemy snake chasing you as you try to eat pellets, which is similar to the gaming mechanic that PacMan used to have.

Grow your snake to earn more in-game points

Slithering Assassin – Snake vs Snake asks you to run around a small arena collecting pellets, some of which double as food, which then attaches a block to your snake. The cube is added to the back of your snake, so you grow backwards, which means you cannot accidentally run into something because of your increased snake size. As you collect pellets, another snake chases you and tries to hit you. If the other snake catches you, then you lose the game.

An indie game that falls short of greatness

Slithering Assassin – Snake vs Snake is nothing special as it is simply an altered version of the old Snake game that became popular on Nokia phones when mobile devices were in their infancy. However, if it were not for the fact that you need the invincibility pellet in order to win against the other snake, then it could have been the next Pacman. Sadly, it is a race to the pellet game instead of a “Defeat the enemy” game, which is a shame.