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A free Android emulator to play games

BlueStacks is a free Android emulator that lets you run Android apps like games on your Mac. You can play both single-player and multiplayer games, and the emulator has many features to improve your experience. You can use a keyboard and mouse for great control and accuracy or create scripts to automate repetitive tasks like crafting items. 

Play Android games on your Mac

Downloading and installing BlueStacks to the computer lets you run Android games using your Mac. There are currently over 2 million Android games available to play, such as Raid Shadow Legends, Rise of Kingdoms, Among Us, and State of Survival. 

What features does BlueStacks have?

BlueStacks lets you take full advantage of your computer to provide a long list of useful features:

  • Hardware support – bind keys and use your keyboard and mouse
  • Multi-instance – play multiple games at the same time
  • Multi-instance sync – perform the same action in multiple instances at the same time
  • Macros and scripts – create scripts and macros to automate a set of actions like crafting
  • Real-time translation – translate any Android game into a language of your choosing in real-time
  • High FPS – increase your frame rates per second for smoother gameplay
  • Full HD – play Android games with high-definition graphics  


Does BlueStacks work on Mac?

Yes. You can download and install BlueStacks on macOS. However, some features are missing, which they’re continuously working on. BlueStacks Mac supports Mac 10.12 and above.

BlueStack utility tools 

BlueStacks also has a number of utility features to keep your computer performing well and for content creation. You can change device profiles to get around any Android games restricted to certain phones, and there’s a disk cleanup tool that lets you remove any unused data that remains after uninstalling a game. 

With the video recording function, you can record your gameplay to share with friends or upload to YouTube. To start recording, you’ll have to press CTRL+Shift+R or click on the record video icon located on the toolbar. You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+R again to stop recording or click once more on the record video icon. 

You can also take a screenshot by pressing CTRL+Shift+S. All screenshots are automatically saved to your desktop unless changed in the options setting. 

Is BlueStacks safe for your computer?

BlueStacks is a certified program with no secondary applications hidden during the installation process. However, you should be careful to only download trusted games and apps from reputable sites or app stores. 

Will BlueStacks get you banned?

It depends on the game’s terms of service (TOS). Using anything that alters the gameplay or gives you an unfair advantage may violate the app’s TOS. This means that you could run the risk of a ban. 

What are the disadvantages of BlueStacks?

Apart from the risk of a possible ban, BlueStacks still suffers from some bugs. You may run into random app crashes, distorted graphics, and slow or laggy gameplay. For the best performance, BlueStacks recommends Windows 10, an Intel or AMD processor with a single thread benchmark score higher than 1,000, and a graphics card with a benchmark score greater than or equal to 750 with at least 8GB RAM or higher. 

Is BlueStacks free to use?

At the moment, BlueStack is completely free. However, the company does make it clear that it may start to charge a fee for some or all of its services in the future. 

BlueStacks vs. Nox 

Nox is the closest Android emulator competitor to BlueStacks. While BlueStacks performs better in benchmark tests that measure CPU/RAM usage, loading times, FPS, compatibility, and other performance metrics, Nox is a lighter and simpler program that consumes fewer resources. It has a user interface better suited to those new to Android Emulators. 

BlueStacks alternative

There are lots of alternative programs like Gameloop, MEmu, LDPlayer, and MSI app player. However, none of them come close to the range of features and functionality BlueStacks provides. The only real contender is Nox. 

The best Android emulator 

When it comes to Android emulators, BlueStacks is the best option. Not only is it one of the most well-established, but it also has a long list of useful features unmatched by its closest rivals. 

Suppose you’re looking to speed up your mobile gaming by automating tasks, increase your accuracy and mobility by using a mouse and keyboard, or create game-related content. In that case, BlueStacks is the best option currently available.